Abnormal Psychology

This comprehensive, ready-to-adopt Abnormal Psychology course provides thorough coverage of all topics from The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), including a discussion of all major mental disorders, etiology, epidemiology, and treatments. The course includes frequent examples, case studies, videos, and practice opportunities to foster application and critical thinking.

What makes this Abnormal Psychology course unique and effective?

  • The course emphasizes the biopsychosocial model and encourages students to think both objectively and compassionately about individuals experiencing mental illness.
  • Each section on mental disorders contains videos, practice questions, key takeaways, and glossaries.
  • Sample case studies are included with each module and examples from both clinical research and practice are incorporated within the readings.
  • Multiple interactive pieces encourage students to apply the concepts they are learning.
  • Every module includes Powerpoint slides, discussions, and assignments to help instructors easily adopt the course.

Introduction to Psychology is available as a Waymaker course.

  • Waymaker: User-friendly digital courseware with data-driven learning design, personalization, and messaging tools that can increase student engagement, persistence, and passing rates.

Developed By

The course is developed with the help of a dedicated team of psychologists and practitioners, including materials from OpenStax and Noba.

Contributors include:

  • Wallis Back, Glendale Career College
  • Amber Gilewski, Tompkins Cortland Community College
  • Christina Hicks, MS, CRC
  • Robert Hoople, SUNY Oneonta
  • Margaret Krone, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Julie Lazzara, Paradise Valley Community College
  • Julie Manley, Coppin State University
  • Sonja Ann Miller, Hudson Valley Community College
  • Anton Tolman, Utah Valley University
  • Jessica Traylor, Gordon State College

What People Are Saying

Faculty Roundtable: Waymaker Introduction to Psychology

View this faculty roundtable recording to hear about other teachers’ experiences using these course materials. Featuring Julie Lazzara (Paradise Valley Community College) and Katherine Cameron (Coppin State University).

Why Teach with Lumen Course Materials?

  • Replace expensive textbooks: Ready-to-adopt open educational resources (OER) include text, videos, simulations, self-checks, and other interactives.
  • Choose affordability: Low cost to students.
  • Use better content: Continuous, data-driven improvements make OER content more effective at supporting learning.
  • Simplify access: Easy access to course materials in your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle) plus automatic grade return.
  • Improve student outcomes: Research shows Lumen course materials can improve academic performance, passing rates, and course completion.


  • Save time: Start with curated, outcome-aligned OER and supplemental instructor resources like quiz banks, assignments, slide decks, etc. 
  • Customize your course: Freedom to tailor course content to fit your learning outcomes and instructional approach.
  • Enjoy awesome support: Faculty-friendly onboarding, training, and support. 

See OER pioneer David Wiley’s overviews of Lumen courseware.



  • Learn by doing: Self-checks, online homework, and other interactive tools strengthen learning.
  • Engage from day one: Avoid falling behind with access course materials from the first day of class.
  • Retain materials: Download a digital copy of course content to keep forever.
  • Become a better learner: Waymaker’s real-time feedback and nudges guide students on where to focus and how to improve.

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